Albrecht Dürer Collection | Pewter Shot Set, 1.5oz

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Albrecht Dürer was a famous German Renaissance painter and engraver. This solid Pewter, raised-relief shot honors his legacy and art. The body design consists of four subject panels depicting works including: 

  1. "Ritter u. Landsknecht" (The Knight and the Landsknecht)
  2. "Tanzendes Bauernpaar" (The Peasant Couple Dancing)
  3. "Ritter Tod u. Teufel" (The Knight Death and the Devil)
  4. "Drei Bauern" (The Three Farmers)

Features: Pillars, archways, portraits, and his famous signature serve as border decorations. 

Product Info:
     • Part of ARTINA’s Albrecht Dürer Collection; sold separately 
     • Size: approx. 3"H
     • Capacity: 1.5oz
     • Material: Pewter
     • Country of Origin: Austria
     • Care Instructions: Handwash ONLY
     • Item Number: 60100A

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