Matryoshka Nesting Dolls from Russia

Matryoshka Dolls were invented around 1890. Each doll is hand-crafted from its own piece of wood. Starting first with the smallest doll, then working to the largest, a woodworker will turn out the shapes using rudimentary tools and intuition. No measurements are ever taken. Then in most cases a different artist will display their own techniques and ideas by painting each doll by hand. Since no 2 dolls are exactly the same size and shape it's a process that can take years to master. Many artists sign their dolls which can add to their collectability. While a small percentage are crafted in factories, most dolls are still made by an artist or a group of artists specializing in a particular style.

Matryoshka is derived from the Latin word ‘mater’ or mother and typically represents a peasant mother of a large family of children. Today however you can find an infinite number of styles, each displaying the handiwork of the artists who make these great crafts. Matryoshka Dolls are great symbols of Russia and are found all over the world. Matryoshkas make incredible toys for children, even at very young ages as they allow children a chance to utilize their natural imagination and creativity in today’s electronic world. In addition, they make great collectibles or gifts for just about anyone. Whatever the reason is for choosing your new Matryoshka Doll, we congratulate you and hope they are enjoyed for many years. Spasiba!