RHYTHM, a Japan-based global leader in the production of timepieces, is renowned for its high-quality, precise, and exquisite clocks. As the premier clock manufacturer globally, their lineup features a diverse array of styles, including the internationally acclaimed Magic Motion clocks, Musical Motion clocks, Wooden Musical clocks, among others. The Magic Motion clocks, known for their enchanting hourly performances, are our most sought-after category, captivating with their superior melodic quality. Their philosophy, "don't follow, be a leader," has guided them for years as they innovate features and designs that resonate with consumer lifestyles. RHYTHM continually refreshes their clock collection by introducing new styles and models.

RHYTHM U.S.A., Inc., was established in New York in 1989 as a subsidiary of Japan's RHYTHM Co., Ltd., and later relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 1991. The U.S. subsidiary's mission is to support the import, distribution, and expansion of RHYTHM products in North America and to acquaint everyone with RHYTHM's distinctive sound and motion clocks.

RHYTHM now confidently identifies as the largest clock manufacturer in the world, with its products accessible in roughly 90 countries worldwide. With strategically situated warehouses and an efficient logistics team, we ensure timely delivery of your merchandise.


A Diverse Product Lineup Enhances Your Lifestyle

With a history spanning over 70 years as a clock-making company, RHYTHM has been at the forefront of advancing clock functions, performance, and culture. Recently, they have expanded their offerings to include new products like small fans and compact humidifiers, leveraging the technology we have honed for decades.



Rooted in Quality.

Since 1950, we have been producing cutting-edge products, and to this day, we continue and strive to constantly improve our goods by having the very best research and development divisions in the clock industry.
Our products are the results of decades of research and development with the participation of educators, scientists, engineers, and consumers of all walks of life.

Home and Household.

Rhythm Clocks are a household item that brings the family together. Our clocks are a beautiful ornament aesthetically. Furthermore, our clocks are décor and timepiece that brings peace and joy in the home through festive and classical melodies.

Your beliefs update with time - Yesterday and Tomorrow.

Our clocks reflect a unique design that encompasses both the antiquity and the contemporary. Rhythm Clocks are sure to appeal to your preference.
“Your beliefs update with time” – Rhythm Clocks will be with you.


One of our beliefs is to provide quality timekeeping products, thereby contributing to a society that functions on time and around the clock. Our state-of-the-art warehouse makes sure your order arrives on time and in mint condition. Our experienced and industry-leading engineering department provides you with the most superior quality clock.

Handcrafted with Care.

Rhythm products boast carefully handcrafted products. Each and every step of our production has been handled with care to ensure that we bring you the very best product.

Manufacturer of Precision Goods – Worldwide.

Rhythm is proud to be the largest manufacturer of clocks in the world. Our products can be found on all continents of the world, and we hope that a beautiful timepiece from Rhythm will find a new home in your abode.

 Precision Parts

Precision molds with an accuracy of 1/1,000th of a millimeter demonstrate the extensive experience and robust technology that go into creating products that are gratifying, secure, and inspiring. RHYTHM clocks consist of a variety of precision components, offering a comprehensive range and exceptional customization options. We honor our customers' trust with steadfast technology and a genuine approach.