Frequently Asked Questions

What we'll go over:

  1. What to do before contacting tech support.
  2. Are batteries included?
  3. Battery information.
  4. Warranty information.
  5. How do I set up my clock?
  6. Can I hang my clock outdoors?
  7. How do I clean my clock?
  8. Can I oil my clock movement?
  9. Can I change the music on my clock?
  10. My clock isn't working:

        a) Pendulum stops moving.
        b) Music has stopped playing.
        c) WSM clock doesn’t strike the correct hour.
        d) Dial stays open and won’t close.
        e) The batteries have corroded.
        f) The clock doesn’t perform at the top of the hour.
        g) How do I reset my clock?


1. What to do before contacting tech support.
     To help us serve you better, please do the following before contacting us:

    • Find the model number or model name of the clock. The model number is located on the back or bottom of the clock. It will start with 4MH, 4MJ, 4RH, CMH, CMJ, CRH, or something similar. The Model name is not "Rhythm Small World." If you cannot find the model number, it is OK. We’ll help you find it when you call.
    • Gather warranty information. If it is still under warranty, have your receipt from when you purchased the clock. The clock warranty is one year from the date of purchase.
    • Buy new batteries, but DO NOT INSERT them into your clock yet. We recommend using Dollar General, Harbor Freight, any 99 cents store, or any battery labeled "HEAVY DUTY." DO NOT use Duracell or Energizer, which are "LONG-LASTING," not "HEAVY DUTY."

2. Are batteries included?
     Yes, all our clocks have batteries included in the box with the clock.

3. Battery information.
      Be sure to change the batteries at least twice a year. Old, weak batteries frequently create problems. Battery corrosion is the #1 reason for clocks not being repairable. 

      Make sure to use the new "HEAVY DUTY" from a reliable battery manufacturer. There are some brands of alkaline batteries that may not work properly with these clocks. We recommend using Dollar General, Dollar Tree, or other generic brand, and also that it's labeled "Heavy Duty" or "Super Heavy Duty." DO NOT use Duracell or Energizer, which are "Long-Lasting," not "Heavy Duty."

      For models with "ALKALINE" marking in the battery compartment, alkaline batteries are preferred. Batteries included in the box are manganese batteries. Manganese battery life is approximately 50% shorter than that of an alkaline battery.

4. Warranty information
     1-year Limited Warranty. This warranty is that the clock is to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and care for a period of one-year from the date of purchase. The warranty is only to the original purchaser who bought a clock from a RHYTHM Authorized Dealer ONLY. 

    Another reason for purchasing your clock from Lindenhaus Imports is that we hold the title of being RHYTHM's #1 brick-and-mortar Certified Dealer in the USA, boasting over 20 years of expertise! 

5. How do I set-up/hang my clock?
     Make sure to hang the clock very firmly on the wall. Please use a hanging hook or screw which, must be suitable for the specific type of wall material to be firmly secured into the wall. 


      Make sure the clock is hanging straight and not tilted out from the wall.



     Do not disassemble the clock. This may cause damage to its mechanism.
     Do not use or hang the clock in the following places for it to work correctly and to prevent damage:

    • Nearby strong vibration.
    • Near a strong magnetic field
    • In an area that has a lot of dust
    • In an area with too high/low temperature or humidity

      For a full list of instructions for all clocks, please click here

6. Can I hang my clock outdoors?
     We do not recommend hanging these clocks outdoors as the sun, rain, and dust will damage the clocks.

7. How do I clean my clock?
     Wood clock frames and bodies should be cleaned the same as a fine piece of furniture. Use a soft dry cloth to clean the frame only. ABS frames and bodies do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners on the clock case. Gentle soaps are recommended. Use a soft cloth to make sure to prevent any scratches on your frame. You may use Windex on the glass and the back of the clock only.

8. Can I oil my clock movement?
     The clocks are designed so the movements do not need to be cleaned or oiled. The frame is designed to protect the movement from the outside world.

9. Can I change the music on my clock?
     Some models that have the Interchangeable Cartridge Sound - ICS. These are the only models that you can add additional cartridges with different music on. Go back to the home page and search for "ICS" to see these models. All other models have switches on the clocks that let you change the music built into the clock's circuit board. We cannot change the music on the circuit board. Contact us and we’ll help you find the clock with the music you are wanting.

10. My clock isn’t working.

a) Pendulum stops working.
The pendulum on the clock must be BALANCED to work correctly.
Make sure the clock is hanging straight and not tilted out from the wall.

If it still does not work, gently TILT the clock to help the pendulum swing or rotate, and then straighten it on the wall.
Old, weak batteries frequently create this problem. See Battery Information and/or How to Reset the Clock

b) Music has stopped playing.
Clocks are equipped with an “off/on” switch. Make sure that the switch is in the “on” position and not in the “off” position.
The clocks are also equipped with a light sensor and will not play in a darkened room. Please make sure the clock is in an area where there is enough light to make it play. See "The Clock Doesn't Perform at the Top of the Hour and follow those steps.
If either of these does not fix the problem. Please contact us.

c) My WSM clock doesn’t strike the correct hour.
You need to reset the link between the clock and the Melodies.
To set the time and melody:

      • Before inserting the batteries, make sure to set the time at around 5:50(A.M.) by turning the hand setting knob on the movement.
      • Remove the battery cover.
      • Insert the batteries according to (+) and (-) marking in the battery compartment. (When the batteries are inserted, the melody function is automatically set for 5:00 A.M. regardless of the time indicated on your clock.)
      • Turn the hand CLOCKWISE. If the present time is P.M., make sure the hour hand passes through 12 0'clock until the desired time is shown. During setting time, you keep hearing sounds but keep continuing until the desired time is shown. Once the desired time is set, the melody starts sounding correctly.
      • The 4x4 mode will not work correctly during the first hour after the time is set. However, after that, it works perfectly. This is a normal condition for this movement.

For full WSM set-up instructions, please click here.

d) Dial stays open and won’t close.
Press the reset button. If the clock does not return to the original position, see How to Reset the Clock or contact us.

e) The batteries have corroded.
Battery corrosion is the number one reason for the clocks not being able to be repairable. If the corrosion reaches the circuit board, it will damage the board.

f) The clock doesn’t perform at the top of the hour.
Most of our clocks are equipped with a light sensor. It detects the light and makes the function of the melody and motion. If the sensor does not detect enough light, it will automatically shut off the melody and motion. This feature is so the clock will not play at night.
Since the light sensor operates by the brightness of the room where it is placed, try moving the clock to a very bright location. Then while holding the clock vertically as if it was on the wall, press the monitor button.
If the clock works as expected, try increasing the brightness in the room the clock was placed by changing light bulbs or the location of the lamps or the clock itself.
If the clock does not work, please contact us.

g) How to reset the clock.
Most of the other sites that tell you how to reset the clocks are wrong. 80 to 90% of problems with RHYTHM Clocks can be solved with the clock reset. There is a circuit board in the clock that must be turned off and then turned back on. Just like your computer, sometimes it gets confusing. Please contact us and we will walk you through the steps. Old weak batteries frequently create problems. This is why we ask you to take this step with NEW batteries. See Battery Information.
After you have the new batteries and have the clock in front of you, call us and we will walk you through the steps. See What to do Before Contacting Tech Support.