Shipping Info

We ship out daily using FedEx, UPS, or USPS. We will generally choose who is best at handling the type of purchase you are making and then look for the best option by cost. If you desire a particular shipping company please let us know. We strive to get your package out as soon as possible, almost always by next day excluding Sundays. We believe in doing what we can to save a little bit of money, reduce landfill waste, and help our environment by repurposing packing materials when they are clean, strong, and reusable. Don't worry, you won't see your cuckoo clock arriving in a Cherrios box like on ebay or anything crazy like that. When we import from European countries, the packing boxes and such are generally extremely strong and they tend to use the best packing paper which makes it a shame to just throw it away. We will use this when available but if you prefer for us not to, just let us know in the notes section of your order. If you need us to: Hold your package for awhile before we ship (maybe traveling) Send with no identifying labels as to who we are as the sender (surprise gifts and such) Include a special note (gift for someone special) Want a particular shipping company to deliver Want us to use recycled/repurposed packing material ONLY (environment) Want us to use new, never-used packing material ONLY These can all be easily handled. Simply put a remark in the note field of your order as to how we can make your experience better. You will be sent an email with your tracking information which is generally automated through the shipper we use, Make sure to check your other folders if you do not receive one or simply ask us and we'll get it to you. Thank you!