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Quartz Traditional with Flowers

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Black Forest quartz cuckoo clock. This hand-carved clock features a cuckoo that comes out and cuckoos the number of hours on the hour followed by music.

Moving Elements:

Pendulum - swings
Cuckoo - door opens cuckoo nods, chirps, and flaps wings

Features: 5 leaf, 1 bird hand-carvings, wooden carved pendulum swings back and forth, hand-painted flowers

All quartz music cuckoo clocks alternate 12 melodies:

  1. Cuckoo Waltz
  2. Bavarian Ländler
  3. Mill in the Black Forest
  4. Lumberjack
  5. Happy Hiker
  6. Trink Brüderlein Trink
  7. There is a Hofbräuhaus in Munich
  8. For Elise
  9. Lorelei
  10. Home Sweet Home
  11. Clementine
  12. Salut d'amour

Nighttime Shut-off
Battery-operated movement, uses "C" batteries (not included)
2 Year Warranty
Item number: Q7010EQAS
Dimensions: apprx. 9.1"H x 7.1"W x 5.9"D
Made in Germany

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