Cuckoo Clock Set-Up Instructions

Thank you for your business! We are happy you took the time to make a great decision on a lifelong memory. We are here for you if you need us. In the meantime, here is a brief guide on how to set up your cuckoo clock. Below, you'll find set-up instructions for 1-Day, 8-Day, and Quartz cuckoo clocks. 

IMPORTANT!!!! If you have a problem with your clock, DO NOT get on the internet and search for ‘how to fix your cuckoo clock.’ You are almost 100% certain to break your clock or take it from a tiny adjustment I can help you with over the phone to needing a large repair. Also, if you do alter it, it can void your warranty. Please contact us if you have any questions.


1-Day and/or 8-Day Cuckoo Clock Instructions:

  1. Open box and remove clock from the box (haha, yes, we must put this in)
  2. Gently turn the wire over the cuckoo bird’s door up or down.
  3. Open rear panel. Inside you will usually find clips on the bellows. The bellows are small boxes that open and close to make the cuckoo sound. If these clips are present, there may be a copper wire or have an orange or red pull tag. Pull these out and put them in the box.
  4. Remove the paper from the door you removed from the back of the clock. Replace the door.
  5. Find a place on your wall. A wooden stud is preferred but doesn’t always work with décor. Drywall is fine but if you bought a big, heavy clock get a massive drywall anchor. Use screws, not nails.
  6. Hang the clock from the very top hole on the back of the clock.  
  7. Un-twist the wire beneath the clock and the chains should fall out of their bag.
  8. If you are happy with where the clock is, pull or cut the wire keeping the chains secured to the base of the clock.
  9. Hang the pendulum from the hook coming from the bottom of the clock.
  10. Hang your weights, no particular order, on the J hooks.

Setting the Time

There are two ways to set your time (see below.) Once finished, gently give the pendulum a push on the side and this will get your clock going.

  1. Move the minute hand ONLY clockwise stopping at each half hour and letting the cuckoo call and/or play music.
  2. If equipped, place the Nighttime Shutoff lever into Silent and move the Minute Hand ONLY around to the correct time. Also, only clockwise. Once finished, place the Shutoff lever back into position. Please be aware that when using this method, the clock may cuckoo the incorrect number of cuckoos for a few hours.

Auto-Nighttime Setting

To know if you have it, your shut off lever (located on the side) or pull wire (located underneath the base) will have 3 positions instead of 2. This is a mechanical clock, so it doesn’t know AM vs. PM. You will have to figure this out by placing it in the middle position and identifying if the clock cuckoos or not. For example, if the clock says 3:00 and it doesn’t cuckoo, it thinks it is 3:00 AM. If it does cuckoo it thinks it is PM.

Adjusting the Time

Your clock will likely not keep accurate time when you initially hang it up. This is because a mechanical clock needs to be "worn in" and to get used to your own home’s environment. Being that it is essentially 400-year-old technology it will not be as precise as your modern quartz clock. The time is regulated by the pendulum swinging back and forth. Here are a few tips to keep your time as accurate as possible:

  1. ***Always remove your pendulum from the clock before adjusting it***
  2. If the clock is running slow, move the medallion upwards on the stick a couple of millimeters. If it is running too fast, move it down a couple of millimeters then place back on the clock. You will probably do this a few times for the first week and then you will get it extremely close. You should be able to get it to only gain or lose a few minutes a week.




Quartz (battery-operated) Cuckoo Clock

 Your German quartz cuckoo clock is much different than most battery-operated clocks you have had in the past. It is OK and not broken if the number of cuckoos does not match the time at first.

  1. If the hands of your clock are both on 12 as you pull it from the box, then your easiest way to set the time is to wait until 12 A.M. or P.M. and put your batteries in.
  2. If your hands are not on 12 or you wish to not wait, put your batteries in and let the clock run for 2-6 hours. It will cuckoo a certain number of times which may or may not match the time it says. If it doesn’t match, count the number of cuckoos and then move the HOUR hand to the number of cuckoos it just cuckooed (even if the time is different from the number of cuckoos.)
  3. Now the cuckoo sound matches the hour on the clock, but this may not match the actual time. If this is the case, now move the MINUTE hand FORWARD only to the correct time, STOPPING at the top of every hour to let the clock cuckoo (and maybe play music) until you get to the real time.


We hope this makes your cuckoo clock ownership experience wonderful. Please call us at 706-878-2357 or contact us at if you have questions. We are here to help!

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