Quartz White Chalet with Bierdrinker

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Authentic Black Forest quartz cuckoo clock. This hand-carved white chalet features a moving Beer Drinker. The cuckoo bird pops out to chirp and flap its wings every hour. When the cuckoo bird slides back in the clock, a rotation of 12 popular musical melodies begins. As the music plays, the Beer Drinker lifts his arm to drink his beer, dancers on the platform spin around, and the water wheel rotates.     

Moving Elements:
Beer Drinker - arm moves up and down
Pendulum - swings
Cuckoo - door opens; cuckoo nods, chirps, and flaps wings
Water Wheel - rotates to music
Dancers - twirls to the music

Features: Beer Drinker, St. Bernard, dancers, water wheel, trees, wooden trim with hand-carved window shutters and balconies, St. Bernard, and traditional carved pendulum swings back and forth. 

  • Hand Crafted in Germany
  • Cuckoos on the hour followed by a rotation of 12 musical melodies (see list below)
  • Battery operated movement - uses "C" batteries (not included)
  • Optional "OFF" button to silence cuckoo and/or music should you choose to
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Dimensions: 12"H x 15"W x 8"D
  • Item number: 447QMTQE

All quartz music cuckoo clocks alternate 12 melodies:
     1. Cuckoo Waltz
     2. Bavarian Ländler
     3. Mill in the Black Forest
     4. Lumberjack
     5. Happy Hiker
     6. Trink Brüderlein Trink
     7. There is a Hofbräuhaus in Munich
     8. For Elise
     9. Lorelei
    10. Home Sweet Home
    11. Clementine
    12. Salut d'amour

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2 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

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